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Homework Help: Physics in everyday life

  1. May 19, 2016 #1
    Hi there!

    So to wrap up the year in AP Physics 1, we have to take videos or pictures of physics in everyday life. Two of my situations are:

    1. Situation where you have greatest net torque
    2. Situation where acceleration changes both speed and direction at same time

    For the first one, I was thinking of a seesaw, or a big wrench because if you have a big wrench since torque= force x distance the bigger distance would result in a greater torque?

    For the second one, I was thinking of a swing? But had trouble explaining how the speed is changing while on a swing?

    Please help if you can, and maybe give your own input!

    Thank you!
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    The seesaw and swing are both great ideas.

    For the seesaw you can explore the force needed to lift someone or something of N pounds exploring the distances needed and the placement of the someone/thing on the other side of the seesaw.

    The swing is like a pendulum so look that up in your book for details.
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    Humm.. Is a seesaw more fun when the net torque is very high or low(er)? I think the wrench might be a better idea.

    Good idea. Perhaps think about how the speed of the swing changes as it slows to a stop at the high point and what happens afterwards. Perhaps make a table like this and fill it with words like left/right, increasing/decreasing, positive, negative...

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