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Physics in Italy

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    Hi all, I come from Croatia (Europe) and i just finished 2nd year of highschool. I was doing a litlle thinking where to go when i finish my highschool and I decided I'll probably study physics. Since Italy is very near Croatia and I have Italian classes in school I was thinking about going to university in Italy. I was wondering have you heard what is the best university in Italy for physics? Is University of Trieste good? Is that any way to study laurae (1. cycle of Bologna process) in English? Since my English is better than my Italian.
    Thanks for your answers and excuse me for gramar and spelling mistakes.
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    Hi Sirium,

    this is an Italian speaking. It's bad time for science in Italy, new politics did a major overhaul: funds have been cut off and the title of "researcher" is not anymore reckoned by law. From the next year onward, the new laws will have severe impact even on teaching. Most universities (such as the one in my city) are going to suppress many Masters in physics as well as some courses at Bachelor, due to insufficient personnels.

    If you wish anyway to study Physics in my country, I suggest you to join any University with an excellence school on its support (even if you don't join the school directly). Good choice could be Trieste (SISSA) and Pisa (SNS). The most important italian university for physics is probably "La Sapienza" (Roma), it has an impressive number of teaching and research fields, keep an eye on its website.

    Good luck,
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    Thanks for your reply. If looks to me there is no good place for science nowdays. I still think in Italy I can get better education than in Croatia (have you maybe heard any comparation with physics in Italy and Croatia?). I'm happy to hear that they have a good faculty of physics in Trieste, becase it's very near Croatia. About university in Roma, I have heard it's best but the problem is I don't like Roma. It's seems very expensive and overcrowded to me. Maybe it's cause i visited it as a tourist...
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