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Physics In The Movies

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    Is it just me or does physics seem unrealistic when involved in movies?

    I have two examples: The Blues Brothers (with a classic scene) and the James Bond Classic The Man With The Golden Gun

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    Vanadium 50

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    Physics errors in movies? Next you're going to be telling me that animals can't really talk!
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    I'm pretty damn sure that the jump in "The Man With the Golden Gun" was real.

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    How about the bus jump from 'Speed'?
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    And I suppose you want me to believe Iron Man really can't fly.
    So what was that on my F-15 radar? And what about these videos?

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    It's relatively easy to make a car jump over a large gap. The problem is in making sure that it is driveable after it has landed!
    I remember hearing that in every episode of The Dukes of Hazard (quaint example) they had to use about half a dozen fresh cars in order to film the chases because each landing would take out the suspension completely.
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