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Physics in Uni: Help!

  1. Aug 16, 2005 #1
    I am considering a career in science and am particularly interested in physics but I'm unsure whether it is a wise career choice.

    I reside in Australia and next year I face university and I have plenty of queries about career in science. In Australia a system is used where at the end of final year and high school each student is given a score 50-100 based on there rank in the state called the UAI. I would like to do a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Physics which has a UAI rank about 87.

    The dilemma I am having is concerning my career after university. Where will a Physics degree get me? The course seems very general and I am considering doing something much more specific.

    Two other courses I have considered are biotechnology and nanotechnology but their low UAI ranking have thrown me off, 75 and 70 respectively. Will a career in biotechnology or nanotechnology be simple and boring or have I been misled? I had seriously considered a career in nanotechnology until I learnt that the UAI cut-offs are so low indicating that perhaps the knowledge base and income etc. will not be as rewarding.

    I am currently top of my High School in physics and my school ranks about 10th in the state so I hope to be accepted in the degree I apply for. The problem is making that decision.

    Anybody who has a career in such industries or done similar course at Uni's input would be much appreciated, particularly anybody from Australia.

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    I'm no expert in bio/nanotech but I believe physics would provide a firm foundation to get into nanotech and i think possibly biotech as well. Also if you decide to steer away from these two paths later on then you'll have many options available to you upon graduation. Physics is very general but it's also an advantage as well.
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    Don't use the UAI (or VCE here in victoria) rankings as a guide for career prospects, or the intellectual stimulation of a course. They simply represent supply and demand. Nanotech may be a very difficult course, but if not many people are applying the UAI will be low. I live in Australia as well and there are many books and guides around that give you an indication of what sort of income etc. you can expect when you graduate. It's been a few years since I finished high school so I can't remember who publishes them but try speaking to a course advisor at your school, that is how I found out.
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    Thanks for that advice.

    I will apply for Bachelor of Science major in phsyics and HOPEFULLY get into the course and be able to study at uni.
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    you should have no problem getting into physics. it is not a popular course, so not many people apply. which uni will you be appling to?

    at UNSW, nanotech students do a lot of physics subjects, to the point where it is nearly the same as a physics degree!
  7. Sep 1, 2005 #6
    I am applying at the Sydney University. I would like to make the advance Science course but if i dont i will do a regular Bachelor of Science.
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    Make sure you let us know how it goes. Its a stressful time of the year but don't worry. Even if you don't make it in straight out of highschool there are plenty of other avenues. I have a number of friends who didn't it make it to uni after high school but applied and were accepted a few years later as mature age students, or went from a TAFE course into uni.
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