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Physics, Information, Biology, Recursion

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    Are there any groups of people that try to focus on a combination of physics, information, biology and recursion? A reason I ask is that I've been thinking about information exchange among entities, and I apparently do not think clearly enough...personality trait probably.

    Anyway, does anyone know a group that would come to a line of reasoning such as the following:

    From what I have read of various regions of science, most are considering the next step to be defining discrete units of something-ness, i.e. Planck length, Planck temperature, etc. I will assume (for this line of reasoning) that some form or combination of string theory and loop quantum gravity will provide some level of success, such that somehow gravity will be united with the other forces. We will then have another theory to utilize to describe our physical world within our current grasp of information, which will be based on meaninglessness below Planck's constant, such as there is no length that has meaning below it, no temperature below it, so on. But what about the possibility of then finding meaning below that level? Is there some generic process that can be focused on, such that involves a biology of information exchange that includes its own ability to quantize and define things? Is anyone considering a major link between the structure of our physical universe and the process of meaning/information development?

    Any and all comments, thoughts, suggestions are welcome. Thanks for your time.
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