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    I think I am a bit of an odd case, but I might not be. I have a B.F.A., no joke. When I was young I recognized that other people recognized that I was skilled in drawing. I think that gave me a bit of tunnel vision. Even though I pursued other interests, I always thought of myself as an artist. Teaching myself different programming languages and taking several math courses at once in High School didn't really seem to tip me off.

    However, in junior year I took a Physics course, and it just kind of clicked. I think I just saw that in physics, math can be used for some truly beautiful things. Before, math to me was just an abstract oddity. Well, I still ended up going to school with more of an art focus and graduated. I still plan on looking for work in that intended field, but I have become more and more interested in Physics.

    But I stand at a weird point in my life, and I certainly want to pursue Physics. I don't know where this will lead and I don't know if I will find myself as a Physicist at the end of it. I've been trying to determine the ways in which I can do that.

    I can always go back to school, but it would need to be part time and at a school local to my job. I can also study in my spare time, and I have been to some extent. I'm not here to ask what I should do, because I know no one can tell me that. However, I do like outside perspectives on my situations. I have asked others, but I don't really know anyone in the field of Physics, or pursuing Physics, to ask in person.

    What are the paths available? Where can study in Physics lead? I guess those are the questions I can ask, but any advice you can give would be helpful.
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