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Physics interview questions

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    I was just wondering if anyone (particularly people who went to UK universities) can share some of the interview questions or interview tips you experienced when applying for physics in university? This is because I will be applying through UCAS in around 2 months and would like to get some preparation for the university interviews.

    Thanks in advance
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    There's an interview process? For undergrad? That's a surprise to me.

    For grad school it's a little different (although I suppose most of the same principles would apply). The interview should be a two way street. You can expect questions about what your interests are, what you've read, what you know about the program you're getting into, what skills you would bring to the group. You should ask questions about the available projects, funding (yes, you can ask about how much money you can expect), teaching/marking duties, how much of the project should be self-guided vs. supervisor-guided, and anything else of concern. Also, talk to other students and post-docs to get their views of the program.
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