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Physics is Dominant?

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    I was searching about the accomplishments of people who did physics in college, and it was interesting because they can integrate or work in many other fields (engineering or science). I also notice that most people w/ physics background invented most of the coolest technology marvels! And heck, even the father of robotics was a physicist Joseph engelberger (because he invented the first industrial robot).

    Most physicists are start ups of technology! And i am very impressed about that.

    I just want to list some of the greatest inventions of physicists:
    - world wide web
    - Microscope
    - Electronic digital computer
    - Second life (virtual world)
    - LED
    - Microprocessor
    - integrated circuit
    - Nuclear technology
    - And many more

    I just want to ask you if you agree that physicists are the start ups of technology.
    If most of you agreed, then I would likely to pursue a Physics degree (I just graduated from high school !!!)

    Also, do aerospace companies (e.g. Boeing, raytheon, lockheed martin) likely to hire physics majors (if they have the skills) to design an aircraft for them like the fuselage, the jet engine and the electronics system, and other aircraft parts????
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