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Physics is greek But why?

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    [tex] \theta \mu \omega \beta [/tex]

    Hope those turn out right. Anyways, half of physics seems to be greek. But why greek? Did some guy just think greek looked good, and everyone has used it sense? Is it a type of honor that we give greek by using it?
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    Most people that tried physics claimed it looked all "Greek and Latin". This way, they're all not terribly wrong ...
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    I think its because they ran out of (english) letters to represent stuff so they turned to the Greek Alphabet.
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    ...or maybe it looked smart or something.
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    To really confuse people, replace the Greek alphabet with something more obscure and alien-looking that'll really make people scratch their heads, like the Glagolithic Alphabet...
    http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/4f/Glagolithic_tablet.jpg [Broken]

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