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Physics is Hard!

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    Well, I avoided this class as long as I could... and now I am stuck with it! I am in a beginner class, but the course is way too fast, and I can't figure out what the teacher is talking about. We are dealing with graphs and 'Straight Line Motion' right now, and I am so lost. I have a test tomorrow morning!!! I am going to fail it. Is there anyone out there who could help me with some questions... maybe I will catch on... although I doubt it. Message me back... I have quite a few problems, and no answers :cry:
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    You should just post your questions here, in the forum. If they are general questions, you can post them here in the General Physics forum. If they relate to a specific homework question, you can post them in the Homework Help forum. When asking for help with homework, don't forget to show us what attempts you've made.

    - Warren
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    No, Physics is not hard, is special. You must love it to have success ;)
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    You can't handle a car moving in a straight line at the same speed?

    "I'll go 20 kilometers per hour for 2 hours, how far did I go?" What about 1.5 hours? 1? See a rule here?
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