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Physics is too broad?

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    Is physics too broad of a subject to major in? If this post is too confusing dont worry im confused myself, my friend is the one who put this in my head but the way he thinks is confusing and dumb and unrealistic i know that doesnt matter but im kinda annoyed
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    Can you supply some more context/detail as to what you're talking about?
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    sorry lol... ummm physics is too broad of a subject to study ? because you learn from every aspect of physics? but thats not a problem right? I dunno it gets fixed with your graduate degree when you specilze with your graduate degree
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    Not really, jobs that require just a bachelors don't require specialized knowledge that you can't be trained for on the job. Even with a masters you don't really learn much specialized information either.
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    Ok thanks a lot now let's close this thread
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    This is rather puzzling. If physics is "too broad" to major in, then how did so many people managed to major in it each year all over the world? The "experimental observation" negates the premise of your question.

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