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Physics isn't phun yet

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    I have been searching all around for a community deeply rooted with physics knowledge and after working a few problems with the help of this forum I decided to join. I am currently enrolled in Electricity and Magnetism at Montgomery Community College and am struggling with a C average in the class. I hope these forums to continue to beneficial as I am looking forward to being an active member!
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    Welcome to PF Clay! I am sure you will find many people willing to help.
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    Welcome, Clay. I've generally found that the more interesting a subject is, the easier it is to master it. So you hit the nail on the head when you said physics isn't fun. And the less relevant a particular subject seems to your life, the less interesting it will be. I was always bored by physics up until the age of about 20. What changed that was that I was really into philosophy and many of the philosophy books I was reading started relating to the sciences, and especially physics. Also, at about this time, I was in nuclear school in the Navy, and I really started becoming into what I was studying.

    So if you can find a way that makes physics interesting or relevant to you, do that....though I don't know what that would be in your case. Only you know.
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    Thanks, Greg. It is a Russian icon of Sophia, the Personified Wisdom of God. Your avatar is pretty colorful as well....I'm only worried that the pictured animal will address me in a Cockney accent and try to sell car insurance to me.
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    Why, do you need some...? :D
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    Haha. I don't have a car. But thanks. :p
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    So you need a car eh...? :D
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    Nawww. I don't believe in cars. I'm one of those raging liberals that thinks we should all be packed like cattle into trains.
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    So you need a train ticket..eh? ok I'm done :D
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    Please, sir.
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