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Physics Physics job or Astronomy job

  1. Sep 26, 2012 #1
    i'm in year 9 or 9th grade (american) i'm 13 i'm going to be making my options for my exams in year 11th . I'm wanting to do something in the feild of astronomy when i'm older but i also have a intrest in physics as well but i know more about astronomy so does anyone recommend me what i should do as a job because i am really stuck deciding what i should do ?
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    Welcome to PF, Patridor!

    Note: your thread has been moved to a more appropriate section of the forum.

    Can you provide some clarification on what you mean by "what should I do as a job?" Are you thinking of your long term, "permanent" job (i.e. career) that you will take on after completing your university education? If so, then what does "making my options for my exams in year 11th" have to do with anything? Or are you asking about what to do for a more near term job, like a summer internship, or something? I'm not aware of too many opportunities for research that can be carried out by people who are still in high school, but it's worth looking into. Someone should definitely give you "the talk" about what academia is like, and the reality of your prospects for being able to continue as a researcher all the way up to the faculty level (hint: few people make it this far). You'd be in it for the long haul (a PhD, at least). If that doesn't deter you, then maybe you can start thinking about what kind of research you'd like to do.

    If you're asking about careers, then I would say that you will have plenty of time during university (after doing some actual summer research, ideally) to decide whether you prefer doing astronomy or some other field of physics. For now, just focus on working hard and doing well in your courses and exams, particularly math and physics.

    We can't decide for you what you should do as a career. We can only make suggestions based on what you tell us about what you like, which is not that useful. At the end of the day, it has to be your decision, based on what you are passionate about.
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    Hi cepheid

    this is for a career i am needing suggestions because i don't know if i should go into astronomy or physics which one has more chance of having a successful career ?
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    You are years away from needing to decide what to do. Focus on developing your math and science skills and you will be prepared for either career path, as both are needed for any job in physics or astronomy.
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    well in that case do you know of any good ways i could improve my mathematics because i am not that good at mathematics and i am taking my mock GCSE's next year and then the real ones the year after
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    Practice. Practice practice practice.
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