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Physics job?

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    Hi, I don't know if this is allowed to be posted here; but, I'm looking for a summer job. Anything that would be in any way physics related would be great. I'm in Canada, so anywhere in the GTA, I'm going to grade 12 next year.

    I don't know much physics, but I love it!
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    Not to be negative, but it's not happening...

    Closest thing you could have hoped for was to file papers in a place where other people do physics related work. But for high school students these types of opportunities require you to apply in like the previous winter...
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    There aren't really jobs in physics for high school students.... And it's also getting pretty late to look for a summer job.

    Any job will be good experience for you right now. (Even flipping burgers at Canada's Wonderland.) Can you think of some positions that you could apply for?
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    When you get into college, look for positions in research labs, helping out or doing whatever--just in a physics environment. Aside from that, don't worry about getting a job related to physics. Not to be blunt, but there's not much out there that will pay for a high school level exercise in physics problems.

    Your best bet (take my advise on this) is to join a local interest group for the summer, like going out with friends and working on model rockets or something or other of that sort. Relaxing education to keep the brain sharp and to sharpen the saw (covey's!), so to speak.
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    Alberta has something called the WISEST program - women in science, engineering and technology - that promotes and organizes summer jobs for young women in those fields. I would imagine there are similar programs (for males and females) elsewhere. You could inquire about such things at your high school guidance officer.

    It might be a little late for this summer, but you could contact your local recruiting office about a job in the Canadian Armed Forces reserves. There are a lot of good regiments in the GTA. And last I checked there were many incentives for students - including money for tuition. There can be a lot of physics involved in these positions depending on the trade you choose. Consider:
    - artillery
    http://www.forces.ca/v3/engraph/jobs/jobs.aspx?id=R021&re=1&isres=1&bhcp=1" [Broken]
    - signals
    http://www.forces.ca/v3/engraph/jobs/jobs.aspx?id=R227&re=1&isres=1&bhcp=1" [Broken]
    - combat engineer
    http://www.forces.ca/v3/engraph/jobs/jobs.aspx?id=R043&bhcp=1" [Broken]

    There's lots of others too. I spent 3 years as a medic. It gave me a lot more opportunites than flipping burgers. On the other hand, the armed forces aren't for everyone - and we are at war right now.
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