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Physics Jobs/Schools in Asia

  1. Jan 30, 2013 #1
    I'm currently finishing up a BS in physics, specializing in Optics. However, I am not really sold on attending grad school in Optics. In fact, I am pretty happy with most any field of physics. Over the past few years I have been learning Mandarin, and I was wondering what the job situation was like for physics phd's in Asian countries. It is my understanding that both have fairly booming semiconductor industries.

    It's been very difficult to find ANY information on jobs abroad that aren't teaching English (apparently teaching English abroad is a big thing for some people, and any keyword I use on an internet search yields these results). Does anyone have any experience with physics/engineering jobs in Taiwan or the like? I'd really like to perfect my Chinese when I eventually finish school, and tying work or a grad program in to language study seems like the way to go for me.\

    Additionally, are there any decent graduate programs available? What do western academic institutions and companies think about a person with a BS from the U.S. and a PhD from a elsewhere? (Just curious, I plan to finish my PhD in the states).
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