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Physics Jobs

  1. Jul 16, 2004 #1
    Hi, this isn't really a physics question, more a question about physics, if that makes sense. :smile:
    If I major in physics, could I eventually go into a career in robotics?
    What would I need to do?
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    you will probably need electronics and/or computing
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    My son wanted to be a robotics engineer (we're talking 15 years ago). He got fed up with his computer science and dropped out of college. Then he went to a community college and got certificates in electronics as well as his AA in electricity and electronics. He is now, not a roboticist, but a lead IT tech for a big company. He is responsible for servers, networks and all that cutting edge stuff, and it's almost as good as robots. Remember, most of the robots sold these days are just glorified numerically controlled machine tools.
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