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Physics jokes

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    Ok I have a speech to deliver in a few weeks. It is on neutrino research at the south pole. I will be leaving soon to go to McMurdo Bay. I am only 19 and a Sophomore in College after this semester. I am very excited but would like to break the ice in style(pun intended)lol. So I need some of your best Physics and math jokes. Thanks everyone.
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    How about: "My mother-in-law is so dense she absorbs neutrinos"?
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    Ha that is good this is what I was looking for please keep them coming, thanks
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    Neutrino astronomy is one of the only branches of astronomy where it's okay to get stuck on the day shift.

    I've got nothin...
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    Just something funny about the antarctic project you're refering to that a friend of mine pointed out to me. In HP Lovecraft's books Yog Sothoth's appearance is described as that of several iridescent globes and the antarctic nuetrino detector array is a series of mirrored globes.
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    Sort of related:

    The Americans have astronauts, the Russians have cosmonauts, the Italians have Specimen.
    (From the former, part Ukrainian bass player)
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    Q: What happens when neutrinos drink beer?
    A: It goes right through them.
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    If Newt Gingrich and Janet Reno had a love child its name would be "Neutrino".

    (I have to take the blame for this one:blushing:)
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