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Homework Help: Physics knowledge question

  1. Sep 6, 2007 #1
    1. Compton scattering from electrons is most easily observed for:

    *microwaves *infrared light *visible light *ultraviolet light *x rays

    I Think it refer to x ray . but not sure what do you think guyz .. plz tell me if you can

    2.Which of the following electromagnetic radiations has photons with the greatest energy?

    *blue light * microwave * x ray * radio wave * yellow light

    as far as i think its radio wave what do you say about this .. THank you
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    Well how have you reasoned?

    For the first, Q do you have a formula for the change in wavelength/frequency for scattered photons?

    For the second Q, what is the relation between photon energy and wavelenght of the EM-wave? How would you order the alternatives you've got with respect to increasing wave lenght?

    (I will not just give you the answers, I want you also to be able to see WHY they are the right answers, that is the purpose of physics forum)
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