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Physics lab plan and design

  1. Jan 4, 2012 #1
    Hypothesis: The hottest part of the flame can be found at x located just above the u un burn gas

    Aim: By placing a thermometer at different points on a non luminous flame to verify the hottest part of the flame.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Was there a question in there?

    From what you have written there
    - the "aim" is supposed to describe the objective of the experiment ... which is "verify the hottest part of the flame" ... the rest of the sentence comes under "method"... but is incomplete.

    You want to be more precise too.
    How would you decide which bits of the flame to check?

    You don't usually do experiment's to "verify" an hypothesis ... you usually try to disprove it.
    Try working out your experiment like that.
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