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Homework Help: Physics Lab set up! Need to find force of friction of a ball rolling down a track.

  1. Sep 19, 2011 #1
    1. I need to set up a lab. The goal is to find the force of friction between a track and a ball. The track is flexible and tilted so that it slopes down. Looking at it from the side, the track looks like half of a U. The ball is released from the top of the track and somehow I have to figure out the friction.

    2. Force of friction=u* normal force
    delta y =Voy*t+1/2at^2

    ]3. If I just found the mass of ball, roll it down the track and time it, then plug into the distance equation to solve for acceleration, then take that into the f=ma equation, would that give me the answer? I am not sure how the force of friction is related to the net force, or how to find this without knowing the coefficient of friction.
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    Re: Physics Lab set up! Need to find force of friction of a ball rolling down a track

    Can you please elaborate on what the track looks like? Is it a parabola? Is its function known?
    Give us also a bit more data on what you're allowed to measure, and when? Say the height of the ball at any given moment, or its position, velocity, what are you restrictions/limitations?
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