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    Currently a Physics Lecture, have my MS in physics after having to stop or hault my PHD due to lack of research funding/support/ decent people. Finished my PHD coursework, & Comp exam.

    Salary isn't that great as a lecturer. Only 45/year. Teaching physics in highschool starts you at 55 where I live, but you need a masters in ed just to do that.

    Thinking about going into engineering, taking the FE exam and swinging a job there.

    Don't wanna go back to school now because I don't have the money. Still have college loans.

    I have a friend who majored in EE, with a crappy 3.0 gpa, making close to 100per year as a project manager in construction.

    I had a 3.7, honors and all that crap.... each day I get more disgruntled. Money isn't everything but it would be nice to be compensated and not have to worrying about getting by on your salary.

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    how did your 3.0 gpa Electrical engineering major friend end up as a manager for a construction company? That's kind of interesting to say the least =)
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    project manager..

    The same way that sarah palin became a VP candidate
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    why not, some company they would like to hire a person who really can do the job for them not looking how many papers they obtained from school
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