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Physics lectures

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    Hey, guys.

    Physics at my 6th form college is rather dull and I was going to ask about organising lectures and things with university fellows/researchers in the UK to increase interest in the subject and just make the next year before the rest of the year and I go off to university more stimulating. So I wanted to know if you guys involved in research, or who keep an eye on it, could suggest or recommend some names of the leading researchers, and their respective universities, in the UK involved in theoretical branches of physics that I could get in touch with and arrange stuff for the terms starting after the summer.

    Thanks a lot fellas, any help will be greatly appreciated.:biggrin:
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    I doubt you'll be able to persuade many of the top personnel in the research field to swing by seeing as they tend to be very busy or expensive or both. Perhaps a local university could spare a lecturer in the interests of boosting student numbers in physics because its needed.
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