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Physics Lectures

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    Would it be a better idea for physics lectures to cover problem solving of difficult problems, rather than doing lectures on concepts that are repeated in textbooks and can be shown in video lectures, such as the ones in MIT OCW?

    of course, it may depend on who the physics lectures are geared towards. if it's really theoretical, then it should be tailored to problem solving obviously. But what if it's a standard sequence that both science and engineering majors go through?
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    You do have a valid point. If your physics professor were to solve physics problems in lecture, you'd probably end up being better at solving physics problems. However, you'd basically be accepting the physics on blind faith. That is not physics, science, or even academic. Therefore, I'd argue, the professor has an obligation to derive the equations and prove to you that he is not pulling them out of thin air. I'd also argue that you have an obligation to prove to yourself that all the equations and concepts are sound, although that would be hypocritical of myself. Just my $.02.
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    That wouldn't be fun Sim...
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