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Physics level2 qouestion

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    If a soft drink from australia is labled low joule cola the label says 100ml yields 1.7 kj. The can contains 375 ml if sally drinks the cola and then wants to offset this input of food energy by climbing stairs how high would she have to climb if she had a mass of 65kg. If you can answer this can you please show me the work so i can see how to do it. I need it by sunday
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    Doc Al

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    We're not here to do your work for you! Please make an attempt, show your work, and point out where you got stuck... then you'll get plenty of help. (And in the future, please post such questions in the homework help forums.)

    Hint: Consider work done against gravity.
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    Use proportions to get the amount of KJ in 375 ml.
    multiply that # by 1000 to get J.
    then use the PE formula:

    << complete solution deleted by berkeman >>

    You could solve for the h now.
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