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Physics Limericks

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    I wrote these myself, for http://limericker.blogspot.com" [Broken]... I wanted to post these in the jokes thread, but then I discovered it was locked. So, here they are...

    There was once an electron in a p-n junction
    Who couldn't help the others in conduction
    Some said he wasn't (w)hole
    That he was the opposite pole
    But he just had an abnormal wavefunction!

    Friend of a light wave, circularly polarised
    Complained of it's being improperly oversized
    Grabbed it's right hand
    Passed it through quartz, and
    Now it's linear, and effectively pint-sized!

    A thieving wave stole without reservations
    Curie-us physicists noted non-conservations
    But finally it struck a plate
    And it faced it's fate
    As it died instantly on observation!

    Hope this starts a thread on such limericks. :-)
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    To screw with a thrust and a bolt
    gives your system a massive jolt
    To poke with a plug
    with the weight of a slug
    gives the engineer a hideous leer.
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    Heh, what an interesting thread. You know, apparently when James Clerk Maxwell used to write homework problems, he would write them in verse. Perhaps this could be the poetic physicist's inspiration. Anyway, it just so happens that I wrote one myself the other day.

    Gauss' Law

    To find the field at a given distance
    From a symmetric distribution at any instance
    Employ a Gaussian shell
    Whose flux shall surely tell
    The strength of the electrostatic resistance
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