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Physics major Abroad ?

  1. Oct 25, 2013 #1
    Physics major Abroad ??

    Hi everybody :smile:,
    I'm an IGCSE (high school senior) student in Egypt and I am planning to study physics on a higher level . I speak 2 languages , Arabic and English . I was searching for a physics program abroad and I prefer if it was in English . The real problem I have is with tuition fees (and fees generally) ,so If anyone knows a Physics program that is cheap and as well good please tell me (any contributions will be appreciated). I have looked at most programs in Europe and in Canada . I took Physics and mathematics AL and ICT AS level and got A* , A* and A in that order . My backup plan is to learn german and study at one of the German universities , but I want mainly to study physics in English.
    Thank you for reading
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