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Physics Major/Minor in Comp Sci

  1. Sep 24, 2006 #1
    Hi, I'm currently a sophomore at Mt. San Antonio College, CA, and I'm thinking about what to major in. I'm interested in alot of stuff on physics as well as computer science. I'm wondering if Minoring (or double majoring) in computer science would help me in what I want to do as far as programming or doing artificial intelligence. But, I'm mostly interested in Theoretical Physics. The physics that deals with the ideas of lasers, hovering cars, antigravity, dark-matter, warp-drive, and quantum computing. Would majoring or minoring in Computer Science be benefitial, or should I just major in Physics?
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    Well, you have to minor in something, and computer programming is very useful. Math would be another good choice, but I'd just talk to your advisor if I were you. Or a physics advisor.
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