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Physics major with a math minor

  1. Jan 17, 2014 #1
    I am a physics major with a math minor. I only have to take two more math classes after this semester to finish my minor. I'd like to know which classes would be most beneficial for me.

    I've taken:

    Calc I
    Calc II
    Calc III
    Diff Eq
    Linear Algebra
    Differential Geometry

    Courses that I can take for my minor:

    Intro to Analysis
    Real Analysis I
    Linear Algebra II
    Partial Diff Eq
    Intro to Complex Analysis
    Numerical Analysis

    I've been leaning toward Linear Algebra II and Partial Diff Eq. I don't want to be a theoretical physicist and I want to do either Astrophysics or optics.
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    If it were me given your interests, then I would choose between Numerical Analysis, PDE, and Complex Analysis. Have you taken any programming? If not, then Numerical Analysis could be a good crash course on MATLAB, or whatever language is used. From what I understand, programming is a very important aspect of astrophysics research.
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    I've only had an intro to Java class, never any MATLAB
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    I'd go with numerical analysis then. Not only is it relevant to astrophysics, but also computational biology, engineering, etc.
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