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Physics major

  1. Nov 9, 2012 #1
    I am currently a senior in high school applying to college. My question is whether or not o should apply undecided or as a physics major. I know I want to be a physicist but my math grades have been a bit shaky. I've improve my math grades this year and I'm getting a c plus in adv precalculus. My physics grade is a b. Can I be denied from a school if I choose my intended major as physics because I have had some bad math grades? Also I passed the act math benchmark scor in math.
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    Some majors require certain things are met before you're admitted, it just depends on the school. But you don't get to that stage until you're admitted to the actual college, as far as I know. Declaring your major now won't hurt your chances of getting admitted to the school, but I don't know about being admitted to the major. My physics department doesn't require anything above the university requirements (which is pretty much just a 2.0 GPA), so I was able to declare mine before even registering for calculus.

    You'll just have to check with the department of each school you're applying to. Usually it's clearly stated on the school website.
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    You shouldn't have to commit yourself to a specific major when you apply. At the college where I work, students usually declare their major during sophomore year, and it's not unusual to switch majors even after that.
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    I think it may depend on where you are applying. A two-tier school or a smaller campus might be more willing to have you with a b and c...But I would second what was said above.Once you get into college it's pretty much fair game..Youll be able to major in basketweaving if you see fit so applying undeclared could be your best bet.
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