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Physics/Math degrees?

  1. Jul 24, 2011 #1
    Hey, I was wondering what you can do with a university degree in physics or mathematics. I know one thing you can do with a physics degree is get a masters degree in astronomy, what are other things you can do, as well as things you can do with a mathematics degree? I really enjoy maths and sciences, I love the challenge that they have, it's not like english class where there is no "wrong answer" there is a right or wrong, for the most part.

    I was wondering what kind've jobs I could persue with this attitude, if you guys could help me out that'd be great. I'm going into grade 12 in September, so I need to make my decision eventually. I'm taking Chemistry, Bio, Physics, Kinesiology, Calculus, Data Management, and I've already finished Functions and Advanced Functions.

    Also, I forgot to mention, I am a very active person and really enjoy learning about nutrition/exercising. But I don't see a job I'd enjoy from that field, but I would enjoy taking some courses on it as electives or something in university. Thanks.
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    Google "Physics jobs."
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    I have but it's very vague, like if I get a masters in physics, will I be able to get a good job, or would that be a waste of my time?
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    I think you're coming at it from the wrong direction. A degree is not a guarantee of a job.
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