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Physics/math dual major with chem minor or physics major with chem/math dual minor

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    I've worked it out and due to offering limitations it will take me 3 more years to do the former, and 2 more years to do the latter. I've already been in university for 2 years.

    The courses I'd need in order to accomplish both are listed below:

    For the dual major in physics/math with chem minor:

    Fall 2005:
    advanced eng. math
    contemporary physics
    contemporary lab
    analytical mechanics
    physics chemistry 2

    spring 2006:
    quantum mechanics
    nuclear physics
    Elec. and Mag.
    Circuits and electronics
    comp sci 1

    fall 2006:
    adv. calc.
    linear alg.
    thermal physics
    world masterpieces 2
    circuits lab

    spring 2007:
    modern algebra
    Jr.Sr social science elective
    math modeling
    condensed matter physics
    optics lasers and microscopy
    optics/lasers/mico lab

    fall 2007:
    numerical analysis
    physics proj.

    spring 2008:
    discrete math
    physics proj.
    advanced lit.
    data structures or database systems

    For the single major in physics with dual minors in chem and math:

    fall 2005:
    adv. eng. math
    contemp physics
    contemp lab
    anal. mech.
    physical chem 2

    spring 2006:
    nuclear physics
    elec and mag
    circ and electronics
    world masterpieces 2

    fall 2006:
    adv. calc.
    linear alg.
    thermal physics
    circuits lab
    adv. lit
    physics proj.

    spring 2007:
    Jr/Sr SSC elective
    physics proj.
    modern alg
    condensed matter phys.
    optics/lasers/micro lab

    the former option is a total of 84 credits distributed over 3 years. this has to be done in 3 years because of scheduling issues. The latter option is 65 credits distributed over 2 years. These credits are in addition to the 68 credits I currently have (been in school for 2 years). I have completed uchem 1 and 2 and the labs, some other ochem classes (wish they weren't ochem, but I was originally a chem major), and I've completed university physics 1 and 2 and the labs. I have calculus 1-3 and diffEQ completed.

    So, what do you think? Are the extra math classes worth the extra time and money? For the math major, I'd need to take an extra 19 credits and I would have to stay in school for an extra year...but this will give me one more summer to do an REU as well.

    The configuration listed above is the setup where there is the most overlap between the two majors. for example, I was able to convince the MCS chair to allow the Jr/Sr math elective to be covered by a physics course and he MIGHT allow advanced eng. math to substitute for complex analysis.

    I always worry that there will be scheduling issues between a physics course and a math course that are both only offered once every two years, which would possibly mess up my scheduled graduation date. These are the downsides of being at a smaller university....


    I suppose I could do the single major in physics with a minor in chem and math, and I could take some additional math classes, like numerical analysis and PDE...I dunno...I just don't like not having anything to show for it, other than an extra course on the transcipt.

    BTW, I plan on attending graduate school in physics, so I guess they would look at the transcript, whereas an employer in industry will not...
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    depends....i'm sure you can learn the math during your break between graduation and grad school. Are you sure you can have a dual minor? I wasn't able to stupid #@! school. I coulda had major in Neural Computation and minors in astrophysics/math but the school wouldn't let me have dual. Even thogh I took the # required math courses away that were excluded from my majors math courses.
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    oh man, that sucks. I better check on that.
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    Anyone else?
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    Where I am the required math classess to take a physics major meet the math minor, but I don't think they would give it to you. I am going for a religion minor anyways, fun talking the physics department into that one.
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    there are 24 math credits required for the physics degree (calc 1-3, DE, linea alg. probs/stats, adv. eng. math) and you need 29 credits for a math minor, so I'd need 2 more 3 credit hour classes. I've already talked to the math chairperson about it...

    I'll have to check to see if I can even get 2 minors though....I can't see why they wouldn't allow it....I guess they can't fit all of that on the degree? :tongue2: or do they even put the minors on the degree?

    I am having trouble deciding if I want to go through with the double major though...I could PROBABLY do it in 4 and a half years total instead of the planned 5, but it is still 19 more credits than the double minor... I guess I still have a semester before I NEED to decide....

    I don't even know for sure if the certain substitutions to produce overlap between physics and math will go through or not. the chairman said it could POSSIBLY be done, but he never gave me a definite answer. He doesn't seem too ambitious in helping me out, to be quite honest....
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    I am also considering taking all of my humanities requirements over a summer....I need 9 humanities credits. However, if I did this I would only have 2 free summers to do REU work instead of 3....
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    they're worth it if you want to take them. ultimately, that will be the deciding factor.
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    well, I have another year to decide. Fall of 2006 is when certain math classes that are very important to the math major are being offered.
  11. Aug 6, 2005 #10
    also, why can't you get a dual minor??
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