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Physics / Mathematics Advisor?

  1. Aug 20, 2008 #1
    hello all, i'm pretty much new to this forum, and hope that through this, i'll be able to make new friends, and find "advisors" who would be able to help me along my learning process for mathematics and physics.

    for mathematics, these are some of the topics that i'm learning now

    1) Partial Fractions
    2) Sequence and Series (Binomial, Summation, AP/GP, Method of Difference etc.)
    3) Inequalities and System of Linear Equations
    4) Mathematical Induction
    5) Functions
    6) Graphing Techniques
    7) Conics and Transformation
    8) Differentiation and its Applications (Tangents/Normal, Maxima & Minima, Rates of Change, Maclaurin’s Series)
    9) Integration Techniques
    10) Application of Integration (Area/Volume)
    11) Differential Equations
    12) Vectors
    13) Permutation and Combination

    and for physics, well, topics havn't been released yet, but i probably still have questions that i'd require help for.

    well, one can be pretty sure that i won't ask one to do all my homework for me, but mainly guide me through and stuff.

    anyone's up for the challenge? we can communicate through MSN/email/here.

    thanks! (:
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    Welcome to PF! You can think of us as a big collection of physics and math advisors. :smile: Simply post questions in appropriate forums, so everybody can see them and have a chance to respond. We think it's better to do this sort of thing in open forums, rather than one-on-one via private e-mail or IM. First, you don't have to depend on another specific person being available. We all do this in our spare time, beyond our real jobs which of course have to take precedence. Second, when answers are public, other people can correct them or supplement them, so you don't have to trust the expertise of a single person about whom you know little or nothing. Third, the answers you get can also benefit other people who are studying the same thing, just as you can benefit from the answers to other people's questions.

    What kind of school or program are you in, and at what level? It might help other people to give suitable answers if they know something about you and your situation.
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    Gce 'a' H2?

    Edit: On second thoughts, that's a pretty poor conjecture from me since it's mid-August. Seven months gone past without me realizing eh.
  5. Aug 21, 2008 #4
    nah, i'm in the year before that (: hopefully you guys will get what i mean, since my education system / levels would probably be different from what you guys know.

    alright :P i think i'll just have to settle with forum guidance yea ^_^
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