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Homework Help: Physics Maxima and Minima

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    Does the distance between the maxima increase/decrease or stay the same when the slit separation is increased? when the slit width is increased? what about if it was minima?

    thanks for any help to understand how this works.
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    You have to show some work or some of your thoughts in order to get helped.
    What is the formula for the position of the maxima and minima in terms of the wavelength, separation between the slits and distance to the screen?
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    i no that by decreasing the slit separation the maxima's move farther apart. My textbook only covered the maxima and its slit separation. also my text didnt cover why it moved farther apart it just said it does. so if you could please help me understand why the slit separation and width affect the maxima and the minima, i will be thankfull.

    I dont no how to show more work for a word problem.
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