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Hi, I just started my school year, and we're currently on Measurements. I need help with this one problem that my teacher assigned.

The biggest bottle ever made was 193 gallons (730,505cc). If the bottle were filled with water of a density of 1000 kg/m^3 at the leisurely rate of 1.8 g/min, how long would the filling process take?

If this is not the format or if anything is incorrect in the way I typed this, sorry (notice post counts).

EDIT: I realize that [kg/(kg/min)=min], but I don't know how to get rid of the m^3 on the density part. Thanks in advance.

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Every 1000kg you fill you've filled one cubic meter (m^3). Convert the 730 505cc to cubic meters to see how many you need to fill.
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Okay, based on your advice I got: 405,836.1 minutes. Is it alright if you check this for me?
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looks good.

Note: A quick trick for this problem is an easy to remember conversion that a cubic centimeter of water has a mass of 1g. Thus filling 1.8 g/min = 1.8 cc/min thus:

[tex] \frac{730,505 cc}{\frac{1.8 cc}{min}}} = 405,836.1 min[/tex]

They gave you that same conversion factor in the question, but in the somewhat less useful form (for this question) of 1m^3 of water = 1000kg

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