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Physics Midterm

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    So, I have a Physics Midterm tomorrow, and I'm totally freaking out about it. I am starting to finally get it, but the whole idea of a test, I don't like. Does anyone have any tips to help me get though it??? I think I have more stress than anyone else in the class, because I have to try to prove I'm worthy of even being there, being I am the only girl and all, lol.


    Thanks for any input you might have
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    Just study hard. The only ones 'worthy' of being there will be the ones that pass the exam.
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    I agree with Cyrus...and will add, try to relax. Getting yourself stressed out is only going to make it tougher to focus on the exam, so just do whatever you have to do to relax so you can think clearly while taking it.
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    Thanks for your help. The only thing I will have to work on super hard is the relaxing part :smile: That parrt doesn't come to easy, when it comes to tests...I'll get through it, with the support of others and I know I will do just fine.

    Thanks again!
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    I'll say this. If you get 'nervious' before an exam, you need to learn how to study. I NEVER get this feeling, and here's why. I know how the teacher teaches, so I know relatively what to expect on the first exam. Also, I study the material so I know it. There have been several times where I studied 85% of all the material and knew it. I knew exactly what I was NOT solid in terms of the material walking in, and I got wrong EXACTLY all the problems I THOUGHT I'd get wrong.

    Theres no luck involved with test taking. Either you know it or you dont. Thats how you have to study for an exam.
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    So, you should be able to walk into an exam and say, if I see x,y,z, I will get them right. If I see a,b,c, I didnt study those as much, and I can expect to get them wrong. You should get into the habbit of knowing exactly your exam score once you hand it into the professor. 99% of the time, I get exactly what I thought Id get. I'll know right away, I just turned in a C exam, for example to within 5 points.
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    Yeah, I've never been too good at the studying part. Most of the time, I pretty much knew it. Although, this time, my teacher has given us more of an insight on what will be on it. All of our homework is online, and we only have a midterm and final, in class, actually on paper, so before it was hard to know.

    It seems that when I have studied before, it was always the wrong material, and even the wrong concepts, too. In HS, we were pretty much spoonfed everything, so we never, I guess technically learned much. It sucked, they even used to tell us were were the dumbest class, so everyones ego and self respect was shot down in an instant. This was the case for the smartest of the smart people too. They always made us feel like we would and never could amount to anthing in life. There were a few that supported us, so we always did good in their class, because we had support behind us.

    I had one tacher tell me I would never, like ever, be an engineer, I say, well look how far I've come. It has kind of given me more of a push to prove them wrong :biggrin:
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    man it must be stressful to not know it all going into a test.
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