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Programs Physics MS or PHD without BS?

  1. Jul 2, 2012 #1
    I received a BA in music and computing arts five years ago from a UC. I have just completed 2 years at Community College with the intention of getting another bachelor's, this time in engineering (blame the economy - not much work in the arts). I just applied to all of the UC's that accept 2nd Bachelor students, but was denied everywhere. I have a 3.95, was physics club president, and had a 9 month internship with a software startup; I thought that I'd be a competitive candidate, but I guess it's a bad time to go for another BS, at least in CS or EE.

    At Community College I fell in love with physics and computer science and I'm considering pursuing a masters or PhD in one or both of these fields (or maybe combining them somehow). Is this possible, without the last 2 years of undergrad education? If yes, how, and where?

    Thanks from a big dreamer.
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