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Physics n00b Problem - Power Conversion

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    Power Conversion (Amps & Voltage)

    What exactly is Power Conversion in relation to Voltage and Current?
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    If you mean, what's the power in a circuit, then the equation is:

    [tex]P=IV[/tex] ,where P is power, I is current, and V is voltage.

    Using V=IR, you can convert that to whatever you need.
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    Well the question I have is as follows:

    "A torch bulb has 3V; 0.5A written on the packet.

    Calculate the power conversion for the bulb in normal use."

    So do I need to use the formula - see I'm unsure with the units. Would the answer therefore be 1.5 something?
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    Can Anyone Help?
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    V is measured in J/C, I in C/s, so IV in (J/C)(C/s)=J/s=W or Watts.
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    k thanks alot
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