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By Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics.Added 7/11/03 [Broken] Out of the American Institute of Physics. [Broken] Cosmology tutorial by UCLA's Prof. Ned Wright. [Broken] Cosmology tutorial by UCLA's Prof. Ned Wright.In summary, the conversation revolves around sharing and organizing links to various online resources on physics, particularly high-energy and relativity papers, online textbooks, and lecture notes.
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That's right, I'm changing it back to it's original name. : p

I have all the links copied into an MS Word document. I'll try to organize them this weekend, then I'll post them all here.
Physics news on
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The sites I end up using all the time:

[Removed Broken Link]
Online preprint server... virtually all the high-energy and relativity papers written nowadays, and many others, show up here. Anyone can download the fulltexts for free. Best thing since sliced bread!

[Removed Broken Link]
The Net Advance of Physics. A huge directory to online books, notes, tutorials, and reviews, on a huge range of physics topics. Invaluable.
John Baez's website. He is a quantum geometry researcher at UC-Riverside, and has a ton of interesting info and good links. Especially recommended:
Physics FAQ
[Removed Broken Link]
Good relativity links
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Einstein's famous paper On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies in English in .pdf format

P.S. This is not a hyper link so DO NOT include http://www.

Just type the type it in in the address bar
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Gravitational Waves

This is a Gravitational Waves Class taught at the California Institute of Technology, January through May of 2002. This course was designed for physics graduate students or advanced undergraduates, and for scientists and engineers who have been working in other fields and are contemplating switching to gravitational-wave research -- experimental, theoretical, or both. The web-based materials include Quicktime videos of the lectures, lists of suggested and supplementary reading, copies
of some of the readings, many exercises, and solutions to all

The main site can be found here:

When you click on Week 1 you will need to download the video of the lecture and also open the PDF file of the slides for the lecture at the bottom of the page. Kip will refer to the slides and it is important to have the PDF open as Kip is speaking.

I personally have not had the time to get to far into the lectures but I'm sure some of you will find this interesting and enjoyable. Especially if you are interested in gravitational waves, who better to lecture you than Kip Thorne and a host of other professionals.
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More links

Here is my contribution to the links, mostly course notes although there are some data books in there as well. :smile: [Broken]

Intro to Computational Physics

Web Elements. Quite a good interactive periodic table.

Handbook of space astronomy and astrophysics
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General Physics Resources

Archives and Libraries:
Added 3/27/03
Los Alamos arXiv
physiknetz (German)
Physics Virtual Bookshelf
Added 3/28/03
HyperPhysics [Broken] Library of basic course materials.
Added 7/11/03
Commisariat a L'Energie Atomique Scripts on theoretical physics. (French) [Broken] Scripts on theoretical physics. (French)
Library of the Physics Institutes of Bonn University (German)
CERN Document Server [Broken]
DESY Preprint Archives [Broken] Robert Wagner's webpage. (German) [Broken] from the Racah Physics Institute of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. (Hebrew, some in English) [Broken] From the University of Washington.
UPenn Library Links to online physics books. From Neural Links Plus by Prof. Mark Dubin of Colorado. Many different sciences.
E-Library of Science From the University of New Mexico. Physics, mathematics, and philosophy.

Added 3/27/03
Motion Mountain Physics Text A comprehensive tome that is worth printing out. [Broken] 6 free textbooks.
Added 4/23/03
Physics for Free 3 Textbooks by Yale Prof. Frank Firk (one on mechanics thru GR, one on groups and particles, and one on Einstein)

Added 3/27/03 [Broken] Undergrad level problem sets with solutions. From University of Toronto.
Added 3/28/03
[URL='']John Baez’ Stuff[/url]
Added 4/23/03 Basic Introduction
Added 7/11/03
Phys Link Physics and astronomy.
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Classical Physics

Classical Mechanics (Statics and Dynamics):
Added 3/28/03
Newton’s Principia It’s not all there, but it is worth looking at. [Broken]
Added 7/11/03 [Broken] From bestofcolumbus dot com. [Broken] From SEDS at University of Arizona.
Physics 220 Lecture Notes Mechanics, heat and sound from Perdue University.
Mechanics Links From

Classical Mechanics (Fluids and Fields):
Added 3/27/03
International Journal of Fluid Dynamics
Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Classical Electrodynamics:
Added 3/27/03 Highly recommended for studying for Qualifying Exams!
Optics 2001 dot com Optics library and message board.
Added 4/23/03 [Broken] Solutions to selected problems of "The Baddest Book on the Shelf".

Classical Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
Added 3/28/03 [Broken]
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Special Relativity:
Added 3/27/03 [Broken]
Added 3/28/03
On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies By Einstein, from Fourmilab.
Does the Inertia of a Body Depend on Its Energy Content? By Einstein, from Fourmilab.
Special Relativity by David Hogg—nice book.
Added 7/11/03 [Broken] Answered by Virginia's Astronomy Department. [Broken]

General Relativity:
Added 3/27/03
Lecture Notes on General Relativity From LANL arXiv.
Added 3/28/03 by Prof. Sean Carroll, Univ. of Chicago.
Added 7/11/03 [Broken] By Einstein. [Broken] From Mount Allison University (in progress).

Added 3/27/03 This could have gone either in the Quantum or Relativity section. I flipped a coin, and here we are.
Added 3/28/03
Living Reviews in Relativity An online journal.
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Quantum Theory

Added 3/27/03
Warren Siegel’s Homepage Three free textbooks available here, on QFT, SUSY, and String Theory.

Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computing:
Added 3/27/03
Virtual Journal of Quantum Information Quantum computing, cryptography, and communication. From Caltech.[/URL] Also from Caltech.
[url=]Quantum Computing lecture notes[/url] Again, from Caltech.
[url=]Qubit dot org[/url] Centre for Quantum Computation, a collaboration of Oxford and Cambridge theorists.
[color=red]Added 3/28/03[/color]
[PLAIN] [Broken] [Broken] Lecture notes from MIT Open Courseware program.
Added 5/29/03 [Broken] Lecture notes from Harvard. [Broken] A nice, thorough online textbook.

Quantum Field Theory:
Added 4/23/03 [Broken] by Univ. of Sussex' Prof. Mark Hindmarsh [Broken] by Univ. of Sussex' Prof. Mark Hindmarsh [Broken] by Institut für Physik und Physikalische Technologien's Prof. Wolfgang Lucke (PS only) [Broken] by Florence University's Prof. Roberto Casalbuoni
Added 9/30/03 [Broken]
Added 4/23/04 [Broken] Also has exercises with solutions.
Bookmarks on QFT, Gauge Field Theory, and String Theories Many, many links.

Quantum General Relativity:
Added 3/27/03
Quantum Gravity: A Progress Report From LANL arXiv.
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If this gets too big, I'll delete it and start a Math Napster in the Math forum.

Added 3/27/03
Textbooks, Lecture Notes and Tutorials in Mathematics An absolute goldmine!
Added 3/28/03
SOSMath Undergraduate level materials, plus homework help message board. Links to online textbooks and lecture notes, plus other math sites.
MathPages Articles on more advanced topics.

Calculus and Analysis:
Added 3/27/03
Elementary Calculus
Added 3/28/03 [Broken]
Added 4/10/04
Math Forum Library

Added 3/27/03
Mathematical Induction 30 problems for you to crack your noodle on.

Differential Equations:
Added 3/27/03 [Broken]

Dynamic Systems:
Added 3/27/03 [Broken]

Vectors, Tensors, and Differential Geometry:
Added 3/27/03
Free Textbook Tensor Calculus and Continuum Mechanics [Broken]

Mathematical Physics:
Added 3/27/03
Mathematical Physics Electronic Journal
Memoirs on Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics Subscription required, but older issues are available for free.
Added 4/25/04
American Institute of Mathematical Sciences Click on "Journals" and go nutty.
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Originally posted by Tom
Does anyone know if Popper's Logic of Scientific Discovery is online? [Broken]

I'm not familiar with the text, so I am not sure if this is in full, or for that matter, even what you were talking about. Hope it is.
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Miscellaneous math and physics notes (mostly in ps format) [Broken]
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This is a marvellous site! It has loads of stuff on recent scientific progresses in exploring outer-space.
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an ebook about quantum and classical chaos in ps and pdf formats:
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The Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics at UC Santa Barbara is a major centre for symposiums with lectures given there being posted on it's website for any visitor to listen to or watch by streaming or download.
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A vast collection of resources including past papers, assignments and notes. includes some university maths.

maths articles

maths resources by topics [Broken]

the "integrator"


notes on maths and physics

umm that's about it. some of these may be limited to the syllabus.
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Physics problems website:
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I don't know if this has already been posted or not as I haven't been following the thread lately, but I guess it deserves to be posted twice.
MIT is launching the OpenCourseWare program making its course materials free.
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Online lecutures

I see the forum has changed structure. I don't know where the links are for online texts etc. but I know of one the belongs on the list. It's Kip Thorne's and Roger Blanford's new text. See


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I am collecting information in preparation for construction on a small particle accelerator. In my resent searching I found this book "Principles of Charged Particle Acceleration" It should be helpful for me and hopefully someone else out there.
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The Mathmagician and the Pied Puzzler

a free book about recreational maths there is an interesting paradox i haven't resolved yet (im planning to open a thread about it): [Broken]
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Biophysics link, with a free online textbook.
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provides basic information on superstring theory
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If this is somewhere in this thread, I am sorry :O But what/where is the database that collects all publications from physics-related peer-reviewed journals?

In biological sciences we've got the national center for biotechnology information at where every single published articles gets archived.

What would be the physics equivalent? Not speaking about Xarchiv, since that is not peer-reviewed, is it?
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I'm not sure if there is a archive, but a couple databases are:
web of science --
inspec -- can't get a url, the university sends us through a proxy so I can't see the url.

Both these might be a paid service.

APS has everything indexed for everyone to see, you just need a subscription to view the articles.