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Physics.nature of emission of radiation from atoms

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    Physics.......nature of emission of radiation from atoms

    Hi everyone i am a Yr 11 student studying physics and i recently got an assignment that consists of a question that i cannot find thouroughly on the internet.......hopeing people of this forum can help me......

    my question is:
    describe the nature of emission from the nuclei of atoms as radiation of alpha, beta, and gamma rays in terms of:
    - ionising power
    - penetrating power
    - effect of magnetic field
    - effect of electric field
    hope you can help me answer this question......if possible and there is a site just post the link here and i will look in it myself but if not could someone please explain how to answer this question either in this forum or send me an email with the subject "PHYSICS"

    thanks in advance
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    Maybe it means electromagnetic radiation? Electron states?
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    thanks peoples for your help.....i have more than enough now....all thanks 2 ur help
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    No it's just three different types of radiation. Alpha rays are helium nuclei. Beta rays are electrons and you already know what a Gamma ray is. They have different ranges, penetration power (for example Alpha rays do not penetrate the skin, Gamma rays do.) As for ionizing power I guess some rays are more potent than others.
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