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Physics, Neuroscience, and Cognitive Sciences

  1. Sep 3, 2013 #1

    I'm looking for help to choose a Phd program and find possible advisors for next year. I'm interested in studying mathematical models of the mind, including decision theory and neural networks. I've been doing research in the possible programs but I find myself lost amog them.

    My first "problem" (actually a difference) is that I'm a physicist. I have Bs. in physics and I'm curent enrolled in a Physics Master's program (both in a top university in brazil). However, I'm interested in mathematical models of cognition and decision making (for example, what happens in the brain when we see a paradoxical image or what makes we take some actions and not others), and I see that some people study these subjects in different departmens, and not all universities offer this mathematical approach that I want.

    I saw some threads in which people discuss the advantages and problems of changing fiels at this point, but I'm decided to change. But I would like some advice from people who did the same I'm doing now about how to find a good program and advisor. Can you guys help me? How did you choose a "mathematical" program in this field, since many of them focus in biology, psycology and even linguistics? I should say that I'm really interested in these fields, but I do not have the background for all of them.

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