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Physics news sites and such?

  1. Jan 17, 2005 #1
    physics news sites and such??

    Hello folks, I was just wondering if there are any good physics news sites that I could use to keep up with what's going on in cosmology and the latest developements in QFT, string theory and all that other fancy stuff theoretic physicists fiddle with. I'm currently doing my own specialization in material physics which is naturally also an area of interest for me.

    What I'm looking for exactly is something with more in-depth information than in some popularized science magazine but still simplified enough that a student with no extensive knowledge in the latest theories can still somewhat understand what he reads. I might be asking for something that doesn't exactly exist but I'm willing to accept anything that's even close.

    ps. should this be in the general physics forum? If so maybe some staff member could move it then.
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