Physics of an egg drop

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I need to write a short paper on the physics of dropping an egg from a 5 story building. Below are questions I pondered...

What are the forces acting on the egg as it falls?

How can you control the forces that cause the egg to break?

What are the common characteristics of the materials that protected some eggs?

Does layering of materials play a role in protection?

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As the egg falls, force of gravity, air friction and wind act on it. You can control the air friction by letting the egg drop from rest and not giving it an initial velocity.
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thanks for your input.... any other comments/suggestions?? IM DESPERATE!!!!
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Is it possible that an "egg" was chosen because of the (chicken) eggs aerodynamic shape, hence a study in aero/fluid dynamics, with respect to gravitational forces accelerating it, towards the earth.

It is the best 'airflow model' after all......
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Its not the fall that hurts the egg; its the sudden stop.

Consider ways to increase the interval of impact. A slow change in momentum is associated with a smaller force.
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I just did a project in class where we had to drop two eggs in a shoebox that also contained a brick. We had to cushion the egg anyway we wanted. The best cushion turned out to be sand. This worked best if you fixed it so the box broke open and the sand spilled out allowing the force of impact to be dispersed through the sand and the eggs were fine. It also helps to place the egg vertically with the small end facing down. We dropped these from the top of a football stadium.. I dont know if this helps any but hope so...