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Physics of Ancient Aliens

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    Ok so I was watching this history channel show called Ancient Aliens today. They had some "scientists" talking about how the pyramids were filled up with hydrogen gas which was used to shoot microwaves at a alien spaceship which would then be able to travel across the galaxy without the need of an on board fuel source.

    The only physically realistic thing I see there is that mixing hydrochloric acid with zinc will produce hydrogen gas. Other than that, I can't believe history channel would air something like this. There are children watching this.

    Has anybody else seen this show? Care to explain what you think is physically accurate and what is not? Particularly with the pyramid idea, how do you get microwaves coming out of a chamber filled with hydrogen gas?
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Sorry, we address claims of and evidence for phenomena, not crackpot theories. That one's a real whopper, btw!

    Beyond that, it is nonsense and not worthy of discussion. In order to be discussed here, a claim like this would require a published paper.
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