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Physics of Golf

  1. Nov 23, 2009 #1
    What physics are involved in golf
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    all of physics
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    "All of physics" is pretty general, and probably not accurate. The main physical phenomenea studied in golf would be mechanics, materials, and aerodynamics.
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    What? You mean you never busted out the quantum statistical mechanics on the back 9?
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    thermodynamics: the ball in a hole is a low entropy state, whereas the ball in the rough is a high entropy state, hence golf is hard. □
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    biomechanics...has anyone read The Physics of Golf by Jorgensen?
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    I have...and it didn't help my slice...LMAO! :rofl:

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    It's a really dreadful question by the OP, and most probably homework of some kind.

    The answer is lots of physics. You'll have to narrow it down exactly what sort of thing you want to know.

    Hint: Start by thinking about all the steps taken to acutally play the game. Probably best to start with the swing and work forward from there. List them all, then start thinking of physics-like phenonema you see.

    as an example i'll give you an easy one. Hitting the ball - a collision.

    EDIT GAH- old thread!
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    Don't forget the bending moments and shear forces on the club.

    But OP, things like momentum come into play when golfing. Impulse-momentum. Like that.
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