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Physics of Immortality, Tipler

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    If any of you have ever read this book, https://www.amazon.com/Physics-Immortality-Modern-Cosmology-Resurrection/dp/0385467990 I'm reading through it and it's very interesting but I've never taken a physics class.

    I have a few questions for you physics experts - a brief answer will due but feel free to elaborate:

    - Is there a clearly agreed upon way physicists now believe the universe will end? Heat death, eternal recurrence or is it infinite? If not, what's the general position.

    - What are the implications if the new accelerator in Switzerland find the Higgs partricle? Does it play into answering the above question?


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    To my knowledge there is no "General" opinion as to how the universe will end, but take that up with a cosmologist. As for the Higgs, I do not believe it's discovery would effect the possible future of the universe, just make the standard model a little more complete.

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    The 'infinite' universe camp is the minority opinion at present. The other two options [heat death or cyclical universe] are too close to call.
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    Why is the infinite universe discredited?
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    If you watched Lexx you would know that the discovery of the Higgs by a class 13 planet like ours is inevitable and will reduce the earth to the size of a pea. Won't matter to the universe but I won't like it much :)
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