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Physics of Inmortality

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    Hello everybody... I recently bought the book '' The physics of Inmortality '' It seems like a pretty good choice, I wanted to know if anyone has read it, and a opinion would be fine !!!

    Thanxs !!!! :smile:
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    well no I have not -- and am inclined not to -- the reason being that if they knew then they would not be talking to us -- You know, intrigue the plebs, they will buy anything -- you have to substitute what they believe, ( which is pretty clear ) for what you believe -- whatever that is -- just so long as it's yours and NO ONE elses.
    You cannot go wrong when you truly believe -- even if you are in error -- but you can compare beliefs and come to your own conclusions -- that is in your heart -- not by anybodyelses input .. I mean no -one -- just you --whatever it is that you are
    you cannot do better than this -- and it means everything .
    I hope you find whatever it is you are looking for
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    James R

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    I've read it. I'm not a big fan of taking things on faith, which is essentially what Tipler asks his readers to do. Basically, he says "Trust me! The maths and physics in this book is too complicated for you to understand, but it's 100% right!"

    I think the book is more a statement of Tipler's own faith than a work of physics, despite the veneer of complicated mathematical physics. Some authors more qualified than me to comment on the content of the book have not given it rave reviews.
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