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Physics of Marvel Universe

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    Hello.. I'm writer of science fiction and I want to write something similar to the X-men Jean Grey who has telepathic and telekinesis powers. I'd like the book to sound good and technical. May I know what laws of physics would be broken for telepathy and telekinesis to exist? Should I mention pilot waves, or controlling the quantum vacuum or is it controlling spacetime and especially what modifications in the laws of physics for it to exist.

    I also planned to state that it occured in another parallel superstring landscape with different laws of physics. What laws must be changed to accomodate telepathic and telekinesis ability?
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    I think the question is more biological than physical.
    In physical terms there is no problem with the concept of transmitting and receiving data using electromagnetism as the necessary field.
    The modern world is actually somewhat dependent on our ability to do this using various technologies.
    From an evolutionary perspective though, for a creature to be able to do this without using any technology,
    it's hard to imagine a sequence of useful mutations that could lead to development of the extra organs that this would require.
    Such beings would need organs which acted as the equivalent of radio antennae
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    How about Telekinesis and mind directed teleportation of macroscopic object...
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    There are ways actively electro-receptive fish (such as knife fish and electric eels) can generate voltage pulses using depolarizations of modified muscle cells. The knife fish use the electric pulses to probe their environment and communicate. They have modified hair cells (like in the lateral line and inner ear) which can detect the field created around them, which tells them about their environment. The eels (which are related) also use this as a weapon. Some sharks and rays have a passively electro-receptive sense. They just listen to the fields around them with similar hair cells. They can detect voltages from muscles involved in respiratory movements (gilling in fish, rather than breathing) to locate prey.
    The eels and knife fish are freshwater creatures (low conductivity water) while the sharks and rays are saltwater animals (high conductivity water).
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    Let's take the case of Nightcrawler in X-men, he is the blue character who can teleport. In a fictitious book.. would his abilities be explained as able to reprogram spacetime artificially producing wormhole or reprogramming quantum vacuum by changing fermions to bosons and travelling as bosons? In the case of Jean Grey who could display telekinetic ability. It's more about quantum vacuum reprogramming than spacetime reprogramming.. is it not?! Or is quantum gravity process involved?! Creative sci-fi physics technical team, please share your thoughts! thank you!
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    since none of these fall into the realm of real world physics
    you can explain it any way you like ... it's sci Fi

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