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Physics olympics

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    Is anybody out here going to enter the physics olympics this year?
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    isnt that what they do in high school?
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    Yes that IS something we do in highschools.
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    It's not like "special olympics" - right? (So far I've only considered mud wrestling.)
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    No it's not. It's something like an international competiton in the knowledg of physics(mostly harder examples buth with littel or no calcules). I might get on the national team, but there isn-t much chance of that, becouse there is a 5 per countrz limit.
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    are there physics steroids? id like some of those..
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    It's not really something you can just enter. :wink: It won't be known which HS students will be representing a certain country in the international olympiad until that country's national olympiad is concluded.

    I assume you qualified for the nationals?
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    I took the olympiad and got to the second round but I havent heard anything since i dont know what happened :confused:
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    Yes infact I'm one of 10 competitors for the five places awilable. It's qouit cool :cool: .
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    I'm one of 19. Maybe we'll compete against each other at the international olympiad. It's in Spain this year, I believe.
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    I think that depends on who you ask.
  13. Apr 29, 2005 #12
    Yes it is in Spain I hope to see you there
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