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Physics online tutoring

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    I've been a physics PhD student for a year, specializing in soft-matter physics and elasticity theory. In spring I'm going to write a licentiate's thesis about the work I've done so far (in the Finnish and Swedish education systems, the degree of Licentiate of Philosophy is equivalent to one half of a doctoral degree, and can be completed in two years after master's degree).

    I can't continue to making a doctoral dissertation in my current academic institution, because my supervisor is going to start working in the private sector. I'd have to find another research group from some other university.

    Next spring I'm probably not going to have a job and I have to live on unemployment benefits. I've been planning to make some extra money online by creating a website that has a large collection of solutions to typical undergraduate physics exercises, and offering personal physics tutoring for undergraduates on my site. I'm going to try to optimize my site so that it easily pops up as a search result when people try to find homework help with a google search.

    Is it realistic to expect that I could be able to make a notable amount of money by online tutoring without having a PhD degree first? Do you have any tips how to make my website more popular?
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    Depends on who you want to tutor. I'd say a PhD student is quite capable to tutor most students.

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