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Physics or Biology? (PLEASE HELP)

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    If you've read my previous post, you probably know about my struggles in physics. I am an IB candidate, and I have already taken a year of physics. After this one year of unbelievable stress, I decided at the end of the year I will switch SL geography, but, due to our school's schedule, I am torn between physics and biology.

    Biology is a two year course, where the first year is taught in tenth grade. I am now a senior and so I have taken a year off biolgoy. I have turned to this website for advice; do you think I should take biology, although I have taken a gap year and so have to review all from tenth grade in order to ace my IB exams, or should I stick to physics, although I don't enjoy it and I've been struggling at it?

    My average grade in physics is a B+. In the final exams, I got a C+. I don't mind biology, and I actually had an A the first year, and an A- in the final exam. My only concern is that biology is somewhat not in line with my career, or future major.

    Your advice would be highly appreciated. School is starting soon, and I have to finalize my class registration sheet.
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    Biology is a mess. If you like studying messes, then Biology is for you... actually, Biology requires a different kind of interest than physics, and many varied forms of life must be carefully categorized in order to study them, and many visual forms are difficult for some people to evaluate.

    The tough thing about Physics is the extensive and intensive use of Mathematics; the wonderful thing about Physics is also that it relies on Mathematics. Some people are more comfortable with things that can be counted, measured, and extremely well described using Mathematics.

    Let your interest guide you, but Mathematics (even if extremely difficult) and Physics may be very good for you in the long run, even if your major field is Biology.
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    i hate biology
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    You must have done something wrong because IB Physics SL and HL alike are easy courses. Now Chemistry HL is absolutly despiful, but since you like Biology you might be at ease with it.
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    I'm taking HL chemistry, and I'm doing better at the class than I'm doing in physics. I have an A- overall. I'm also taking HL math, and I have an A overall. Now, physics and I are two different dictionaries. Perhaps the way that I'm treating the class is wrong. Now, if you have any advice or suggestions on how I can handle physics differently that would be great and perhaps a solution to this dilemma. So far, I'm leaning towards biology. It would be great if you would give some constructive advice, like why I should take physics? What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages of taking biology?

    I have shared with you my grades, I'm hoping that it has given you an idea on how I "function", so to speak.
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    Also, it would be great if I could get a professor's opinion.....
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    Physics can illucidate and remove some of the mystery about optics, acoustics, and radiation, which are a few of the concepts directly related to Biology or the study of Biology. You would not necessarily need to become an engineer to study Biology. You or someone collaborating with you might try to analyze animal sounds in the field (recording them and then using instruments to inspect features of the sound waves). Radiation is important for biological processes; you might be interested in knowing what range of wavelengths have useful or destructive effects on any chosen organism. Optics may be of interest, since microscopes are optical devices, although having optics knowledge is probably not necessary for operating the instrument. Heating & cooling is often worth analyzing for some animals - would this be part of Biophysics? It seems related to thermodynamics.

    Very important: If you want to concentrate on Biology, just do not narrow what you study too much, since other concepts from other sciences are still related to biological processes and its study.
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    I don't know what to suggest... I have inexistent study habits. My knowledge of physics already went beyond the IB curriculum at the start of the first year, so I never shared the common stress. To each his forte I guess.
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